day 1


What you should know about Latin today is that it is a language in the indo-european family. It was once spoken by the Romans, and is now extinct. Note that Latin learning is hard: the nouns changes; the adjectives changes; the verbes changes. To give you a feeling, a typical verb can change into 140 different forms under different circunstances. So... have fun! And don't give up. Colonel Vibius Vibidius Zosimus is on your side.

getting a name

Getting a Latin name will be your very first step toward Latin learning. You can pick, amongst millions of combinations, from Wikipedia pages, or you can download the random-Latin-name generator written in python 3 by me.

my name Vibius Vibidius Zosimus
name of the part praenōmen nōmen cōgnōmen
list of (wiktionary page) (wikipedia page) (as well)

starting with verbs

Fortunately, the verbs in Latin are relatively easy (at least for present active indicative : ). The rule, simplest amongst all, is also easy to remember.

verb conjugation rules
tense: present
voice: active
mood: indicative
(person) sing. pl.
1st m / ō mus
2nd s tis
3rd t nt

For example, given a verb "to love," namely amō, amāre, the conjugation is:

amō I love
amās you love
amāt he loves
amāre we love
amātis y'all love
amānt they love

The way to remember is: MŌST MUST ISNT; you can temporarily ignore the 'M' in "MŌST" for now.

wrapping up

These are just so little about Latin on day 1. The important thing is, Latin learning starts really easily, then it gradually gets harder, then it gets SUUUUUPER HARD, then it'll be better. Then it will be hard some more.

Things to remember: your Latin name, "MŌST MUST ISNT" for general verb conjugations, and to visit day 2 tomorrow.

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